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Your Face

Short | 2022

Dublin Your Face is a short film, composed of the curated images and sounds of the city inspired by a collection of poetry by Majella Kelly. The film is a guiding hand to these poems, that show us Dublin's history, its beauty, and unique identity. It is a carefully composed perspective on the city, and it's heritage, showing us the connection to its unforgotten past, and its present.

1068_Jason Forde_Poster_Dublin Your Face.jpg

Directed by:   Natasha Waugh

Written by:    Majella Kelly

Produced by:   Jason Forde

Cinematograhy by:   David Christopher Lynch

Edited by:  Eamonn Cleary 

Music by:   Natasa Paulberg


Poetry spoken by

Hilda Fay
Jerry Fish
Jim Sheridan
Jack Shaun Murphy
Jade Jordan
Colm Meaney
Denise McCormack

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