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Now that I've Seen You

Feature | Romance/Drama | In postproduction

When a couple, now in thir 50s, who were once a couple in their 20s, meet on the off-chance, they spend one afternoon in a bar talking about the life and what could have been. 


Written by:    Ronika Merl

Story by:   Jason Forde

Produced and Directed by:   Jason Forde

Co-produced by:    Ronika Merl

Cinematography by:   Mijrin Al Hajri


Tara O'Brien:   Kathleen Warner Yeates

Martin Byrne:   Conor Hackett

Barman:   Shane Robinson

John:   Aidan O'Sullivan

Barbara:   Helena McInerney

Kiki:   Sinead Cassidy Holt

Ryan Murray

Bill:   Richard Mason

George Bracebridge

Roadie:   Mikey Kane

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